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Darkhorse 5’8” Surfboard (1.73m | 40L | <75kg | Rigid . Soft Top)

EGP 16,500

by SIC Maui
Comes with 5 FINS | LEASH | WAX BAR

Length 1.73m Width 0.52m
Thickness 8cm Volume 40L
Weight 3.5kg Material Rigid Composite | Vortex

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The Darkhorse features a glass-wrapped EVA core and wooden I-Beam stringer making it unlike other soft boards on the market today. This glass/foam hybrid board’s feel creates a fun, lively, high-performance feeling. Its FCS Fusion compatible fin boxes are glassed-in and PVC reinforced to give you maximum lateral stability and drive through the turns.

The foam-backed HDPE skin makes the Darkhorse durable and offers more protection when you get tossed in the shore break.



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