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SIC Atlantis 14′ SUP (4.26×0.61m)

EGP 88,600

Length 4.26m Width 0.61m
Volume 290L Weight 12.3kg
Origin / Brand France / SIC MAUI Material/Technology Rigid | Super-Fly


SIC Atlantis 14' (4.26x0.61m) Board

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EGP 85,000
EGP 3,600
SUP Leash
EGP 400EGP 900

Ideal for
Paddlers looking to up their downwind game
Paddlers looking for a downwind board for moderate to heavy conditions
Paddlers wanting to tour

The Atlantis is the latest addition to the SIC’s race category boards, built for rough water, moderate to heavy downwind, and swell conditions.


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