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July 3, 2018
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Spirit ~3.0hp Long Shaft

EGP 39,000.00

The Spirit 1.0 easily matches a 3-hp petrol outboard can, and provides more than sufficient propulsion for a 10 ft tender, or can work as an auxiliary power for a daysailer of up to 1.5 tonnes.
The Spirit battery satisfies the IP67 protection standard and operates in any conditions. It’s lightweight and compact, but contains plenty of energy. Weighing in at just 8.8kg, it can also float!
The Spirit 1.0 is designed for portability. It’s compact, lightweight and easily stored in our customized storage bags. The installing and uninstalling are hassle-free.

Relative Power 3hp Input Power 1kW
Motor Weight 10.8kg Battery Weight 8.8kg
Battery Capacity 1018Wh Control Tiller
Run Time ~ 4hr Economic Speed / ~ 1hr Full Speed


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