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Techno Windsurf Foil (100% Carbon)

EGP 36,600

The Techno Windsurf Foil has been custom-designed for the Techno 130 Foil board, with various objectives in mind : easy accessibility, early take-off, high performance and easy control “in flight”.

We have also selected a French manufacturer that uses only “aviation quality” carbon fibre, to ensure maximum rigidity and excellent durability. To achieve those aims, our supplier Foil and Co has chosen a pre-preg carbon fibre compressed under 8 bars of pressure with a high fibre content (65%). This process/combination guarantees unparalleled rigidity and excellent strength.

Mast height: 850 mm
Fuselage length: 885 mm
Front wing length: 800 mm, area: 810 cm2
Rear wing length: 450 mm, area: 255 cm2
Weight : 4.50 kg
Fin Box plug: Deep Tuttle

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