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Techno 130 Foil Board

EGP 31,000.00

The brand new TECHNO FOIL is the ideal board for experiencing and enjoying freeride and foil-board riding. Conceived to do both to high level, it enables you to sail in much lighter winds, and to get maximum fun in the widest range of conditions possible. With the foil it’s perfectly balanced and will have you sailing in as little as 10 knots of wind. The foil is wide, making it easy to get up, and to enjoy effortless control of the board itself. Remove the foil and you have a TECHNO that is powerful and very quickly up to planing, extremely responsive and high speed.

Board Length 230cm Board Width 81.5cm
Board Weight 9.5kg Board Material Ace-Tec
Board Volume 130L Origin / Brand France / BiC Sport


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