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Yellowfin 130T – Double Fishing Kayak

EGP 22,600

Length 4.00m Width 0.89m
Height 35cm Weight 35kg
Capacity 230kg Material Polyethylene (HDPE)
Yellowfin 130T
EGP 21,000
Kayak Paddle Options
Model (Origin)
EGP 800EGP 1,400
EGP 250
Kayak Carts
EGP 1,950EGP 2,100
EGP 1,200EGP 2,300

Share the journey with the Yellowfin 130T – the most customizable and personable paddle platform on the planet. Two people? We got you covered. Wanna add a kid or pup? Check. Wanna swap out seats and transform it into a single-seater with 13-feet of sweet tackle storage so you can bring your entire garage of fishing gear? No prob. The 130T is the tandem transformer for ANY sized adventure… no how many peeps you want – or don’t want. With the 130T, paddle partners are always optional, but big memories aren’t.

And because no one wants to be up the creek without a paddle (or any other critical gear), the Yellowfin 130T has enough spaces and places for gear for any adventure you can think of – whether for a weekend picnic or week long camping trip.




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