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Skipjack 90 – Solo Kayak

EGP 11,200

Length 2.75m Width 0.81m
Height 35cm Weight 21kg
Capacity 136kg Material Polyethylene (HDPE)
Skipjack 90
EGP 10,400
Kayak Paddle Options
Model (Origin)
EGP 800EGP 1,400
EGP 250
Kayak Carts
EGP 1,950EGP 2,100
EGP 1,200EGP 2,300

Designed to get you on the water faster, the Skipjack 90 gives everything you need for more fun in the sun all day, every day while dialing the all-season fun factor to 11. Designed with an easy-carry hull, comfy padded seat, space to store your essentials, and more, you can break free and be on the water in moments – while bagging more smiles than hassles.

The Skipjack 90 packs in the all-in-one fun-time features, so you max-out your time for play without having to waste your time planning on what to grab. Just grab the Skipjack and sunny memories are guaranteed.




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