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Sea Cruiser – Solo

EGP 26,000.00


Length 5.25m Width 58cm
Height 45cm Weight 26kg
Capacity 165kg Material Polyethylene
Sea Cruiser - Solo Kayak

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EGP 25,300.00
ECO Paddle (China)
EGP 700.00
Recreational Paddle (France)
EGP 900.00
Premium Adjustable Paddle (Sweden)
EGP 1,100.00
EGP 1,200.00
EGP 150.00
EGP 1,500.00

Out of stock

The SeaCruiser tracks straight as an arrow with great glide and speed, keeping you dry even in rough seas. The slightly v-shaped hull makes it easy to maneuver and fun to play, while the tough 3-layer polyethylene construction makes it very light yet extremely strong, stiff and impact-resistant. Designed to engage as well as indulge, it offers thrilling performance on calm as well as rough water.

Take charge of the water ahead in the SeaCruiser. – Have it all. – Do it all.




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