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EGP 56,000


Length 3.31m Width 0.79m
Height 34cm Weight 32kg
Capacity 130kg Material Polyethylene
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The KingFisher has what no other fishing kayak has:

– Fast and smooth paddling while keeping stability thanks to the trimaran hull.
– Ease of transport and storage thanks to the modular design.

STABILITY AND PERFORMANCE – The KingFisher is probably the fastest fishing kayak out there while still being stable enough for confident stand-up fishing.

It has a sleek 79cm beam – most fishing kayaks are 90cm wide. Thanks to the KingFisher’s modern trimaran hull, it’s faster & more nimble, while being easier to carry, transport and store without compromising on stability.

The KingFisher is more than just stable – it’s incredibly well balanced and standing up to fish is a walk in the park. Whether you’re paddling to your favorite secret fishing spot or exploring new territory, the KingFisher’s incredible speed and tracking capabilities will come in handy to get most out of your excursion. The KingFisher comes equipped for fishing in calm waters. For use in rough water on open water equip the craft accordingly.

Main Features:

– Modular take-a-part
– Trimaran hull
– Dual rudders
– 2 large storage hatches
– Multiple attachment rails and bars
– Fishing Chair
– Multiple Rod Holders




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