June 24, 2018
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July 2, 2018
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Scapa Fit

EGP 17,500.00 EGP 14,000.00

With its narrow, water-cutting bow section and clean hull shape, the Scapa is a boat that is designed for speed.
The look matches the feel in every way but still retains the excellent stability and added safety and comfort you expect from a BIC ‘Sit-On-Top’.With excellent speed, the Scapa is a true sport boat designed and built for fast cruising and physical conditioning. What’s more, it’s an excellent boat for learning sea kayaking. Even in difficult sea conditions, the Scapa holds its course thanks to its superb glide and reassuring stability. The molded baggage storage area behind the cockpit allows you to load up with diving tanks, as well as fishing or touring equipment.


Length 4.40m Width 0.66m
Height 35cm Weight 23kg
Capacity 130kg Material Polyethylene
Origin / Brand  France / Bic Sport


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