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July 9, 2018
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August 16, 2018
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EGP 34,000.00 EGP 31,500.00

Double Happiness

The Doubloon is a compact tandem kayak that  is both practical and stable at 510cm/16’8”. The hull design is optimized both for performance and stability to allow a fun and safe experience for paddlers. The Doubloon is equipped with a retractable skeg and a liftable rudder for ultimate control in all weather. The back cockpit has adjustable rudder pedals, while the front cockpit has easy to adjust foot braces.

The cockpits, which are designed for easy entry and exit, are large enough to suit all types of paddlers. The ergonomically designed seats provide leg support and a comfortable paddling position. Both seats have comfortable backrests and can be fitted with factory installed super-comfy seat pads.

The Doubloon is a great recreational kayak for day excursions, fishing, photographing, and just having fun. It’s the perfect tandem kayak for everyone – from beginners to expert paddlers. Great looks, superb handling, comfort and affordability, makes the Doubloon the perfect choice for paddling clubs, outfitters, tour guides and families alike.


Length 5.10m Width 68cm
Height 45cm Weight 38kg
Capacity 235kg Material Polyethylene
Origin / Brand  Sweden / Point 65


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